Lingam Massage Online Course - How To Drive Him Wild?
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A Full Guide to Lingam Massage:

How to Drive Him Wild. Part 1


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About Lingam Massage course

This course shows you how to drive a man wild with your hands and make him experience magical orgasms! You’ll reveal the basics of Lingam massage, all designed to blow your partner’s mind and deliver unforgettable sexual pleasure to him.

Incorporating Lingam massage into your love life is an amazing way to spice things up in the bedroom and open yourself up to a wide range of thrilling sensations. This course will turn you into a lover he always wants and give you a completely new way to play!

Sneak peek into Lingam Massage course structure

What you'll learn

You'll discover 30+ unique manual techniques and erotic tricks that will bring earth-shattering sexual pleasure to your man.

You'll reveal 7 secret scrotum stimulating techniques that will help your partner come lustfully, even if he's off his game or tired.

You'll get a comprehensive how-to-guide for giving your man a hand job he will never forget.

You'll forget about mediocre sex and experience maximum satisfaction, fun, and fulfillment in your sex life.

You'll explore the basics of male anatomy, primary erogenous zones, and 10+ basic techniques to make your partner experience multiple orgasms.

You'll sense more freedom and self-confidence and learn how to control all of his sensations and bring both yourself and your partner to a state of bliss. 

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Lingam Massage course content

1. Course introduction
1.1. Welcome lesson 

2. The fundamentals
2.2. A man's erogenous zones and hot spots
2.3. The penis' secret spots

3. The What. The Why. The How.
3.4. 13 rules of a successful Lingam massage
3.5. The secrets of Lingam massage preparation

4. Lingam poses
4.6. The "Palm Leaf" pose

5. Lube application technique
5.7. The "Come Hither!" lube application technique

6. Scrotum massage techniques
6.8. The scrotum massage techniques: how to do it right and why
6.9. The "Comb Technique"

7. Lingam massage techniques
7.10. Arousing techniques
7.11. Lingam stroking techniques

8. Basic techniques
8.12. Basic techniques: the naughty lock
8.13. Mind-blowing basic techniques
8.14. The "Octopus" techniques

9. How to prolong his sensations and the intercourse
9.15. How to slow down the male orgasm

10. Course wrap up
10.16. Summary of "A full guide to lingam massage: how to give him a mind-blowing orgasm with you hands". Part 1

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