How to Discuss Sex Life and Sexual Needs with a Partner
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How to Talk About Sex and Sexual Desires

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This course contains:


4 hours of honest and engaging content
30 practical video tutorials
3 fun quizzes for easy learning

3 tastefully designed PDF workbooks
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Empowering women, men, singles & couples


This course contains: 

  • 4¬†hours of fun and¬†informative¬†content
  • 30¬†bite-sized, honest video¬†tutorials
  • 3 practical quizzes for easy learning
  • 3¬†tasteful¬†PDF¬†workbooks
  • Full access right away
  • Accessible on mobile and desktop
  • For¬†women, men, singles & couples

What you'll get from the Sexual Communication Course

  • Access powerful communication techniques for open and effective discussions about sexual needs, fostering a deeper understanding between you and your partner.

  • Unveil the art of giving compliments to your significant other, cultivating a mutual admiration that strengthens the bond within your relationship.

  • Cultivate trust, understanding, and mutual respect to foster a more gratifying and harmonious partnership.

  • Acquire mastery in confidently discussing sex and confidently achieving your desires in the bedroom.

  • Reignite the spark in¬†your relationship by honing your communication skills, especially in the context of intimacy.

  • Learn¬†strategies to fulfill each other's desires, explore uncharted territories, and reignite passion in the bedroom.

Sneak peek into course structure

video lessons on basics of verbal communication in sex talk course
video lessons on basics of verbal communication in sexual communication course

Imagine your fantastic sex¬†lifeūüĒ• a few weeks from now...

You've gone from feeling scared of discussing your sex life with your partner...

arrow being completely honest in your relationship and talking openly about what you're feeling.

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horizontal line

You've eliminated the insecurities that stopped you from discussing your sex needs…


...and now, you know what you want and are open about your sexual boundaries, needs (and kinky fantasies ;)

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horizontal line

The years of monotonous and unsatisfying sex life are now a thing of the past.…


...and now you're absolutely happy with your intimate life as you're sharing and satisfying all your sexual fantasies.

Sexual Talk Course is your one-way ticket to a mind-blowing relationship and fantastic sex.

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The course content

1. Course Introduction
     1.1. Welcome lesson 

2. The fundamentals
     2.2. The basics of erotic talk

     2.3. How to get past misunderstandings? 

3. How To Talk To Your Partner About Your Desires
     3.4. How to talk to your partner about sex

     3.5. Why dialogues are so important

4. How To Figure Out And Communicate Your Desires
     4.6. Our desires
¬† ¬† ¬†4.7.¬†The ‚ÄúI‚ÄĚ messages

5. Communication Strategies. Verbal Communication
     5.8. Basics of verbal communication
     5.9. Compliments in verbal communication
¬† ¬† ¬†5.10. How to ‚Äúprogram‚ÄĚ your partner‚Äôs sexual behaviour?

6. Communication Strategies. Non-verbal Talk
     6.11. Non-verbal communication

7. Communication strategies. Game research
     7.12. Basics of game research

8. Perception channels. Visuals
     8.13. Perception channels. Overview

     8.14. Perception channels. Visuals
     8.15. How to communicate your needs to a visual?
     8.16. How to better communicate with a visual?

9. Perception channels. Audiles
     9.17. Audiles. Overview
     9.18. How to build communication with an audile?

10. Perception channels. Tactiles
     10.19. Tactiles. Overview
     10.20. How to communicate with a tactile partner?

11. Perception channels. Logicals
     11.21. Logicals. Overview
     11.22. Verbal communication with a logical partner

     11.23. What if your partner has a different type?

12. When Is The Best Time To Talk About Sex?
     10.24. Communication during sex
     10.25. Sexual communication outside the bedroom
    10.26. Main pitfalls of partner communication

video lessons in erotic talk course

What you'll learn about erotic talk

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You'll discover powerful strategies to engage in confident and erotic conversations about sex with your partner to enhance your sex life.

You'll acquire proven sensual techniques and crucial tips to navigate obstacles when discussing sensitive subjects such as sexual desires and needs.

You'll unlock the secrets to overcoming misunderstandings, dissatisfaction, and conflicts with your partner, paving the way for a deeply fulfilling and harmonious relationship.

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You'll liberate yourself from the limitations imposed by societal and personal factors that have stopped you from having open and candid discussions about sex.

You'll unveil the power of the 4 primary perception channels - touch, sight, sound, and taste - as essential conduits that ignite and enhance sensual communication.

You'll boost your sexual communication skills and get bulletproof confidence, allowing you to express your deepest desires with renewed assurance.

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