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The Full Lingam Massage Course. Part 1

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female hands demonstrating the lingam massage technique on dildo

This course contains:


3 hours of honest and engaging content
22 practical video tutorials
3 fun quizzes for easy learning

3 tastefully designed PDF workbooks
Instant access
Learn anywhere, anytime
Empowering women, men, singles & couples


This course contains: 

  • 3¬†hours of honest and engaging¬†content
  • 22 practical video¬†tutorials
  • 3¬†fun¬†quizzes for easy learning
  • 3¬†tastefully designed PDF¬†workbooks
  • Instant access
  • Learn¬†anywhere, anytime
  • Empowering¬†women, men, singles & couples

What you'll get from the Lingam Massage Course

  • Elevate your intimacy skills and gain expert knowledge and hands-on techniques to¬†create profound connections with your partner.
  • Discover¬†the artful strokes and manual techniques that will awaken exquisite pleasure in your man.
  • Learn from the best as our experienced instructors guide you through step-by-step instructions, practical demonstrations, and insightful tips.
  • Elevate your lovemaking to new heights, expand your understanding of pleasure, and create lasting memories with your partner.
  • Discover how Lingam massage can unlock the flow of energy within your man, revitalizing his body, mind, and spirit.
  • Ignite passion,¬†awaken heightened sensations, and rejuvenate your relationship.¬†

Sneak peek into course structure

video lessons on lingam massage techniques in male pleasure course
video lessons on pleasure techniques with toys in male pleasure course

Imagine your fantastic handjobūüĒ• a few weeks from now...

You've gone from feeling inadequate in satisfying your partner with your hands...

arrow leaving them completely mesmerized by your magical manual techniques and handjob tricks.

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You've got rid of all the insecurities that prevented you from enjoying your sex life…


...and now, you know amazing hand techniques that guarantee earth-shattering pleasure for any man.

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You've got rid of all the insecurities that prevented you from enjoying your sex life…


...and now, you know amazing hand techniques that guarantee earth-shattering pleasure for any man.

Lingam Massage Course is your one-way ticket to amazing handjob skills and mind-blowing sex life

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The course content

1. Course Introduction
     1.1. Welcome lesson 

2. The fundamentals
     2.2. an's hot zones and spots
     2.3. The secret spots

3. The What. The Why. The How.
     3.4. 13 rules of a successful manual massage
     3.5. The secrets of massage preparation

4. Lingam poses
     4.6. The "Palm Leaf" pose

5. Lube application technique
     5.7. The "Come Hither!" lube application technique

6. Scrotum massage techniques
     6.8. The massage techniques: how to do it right and why
     6.9. The "Comb Technique"

7. Best massage techniques
     7.10. Show-stopping techniques
     7.11. Stroking techniques

8. Basic techniques
     8.12. Basic techniques: the naughty lock
     8.13. Mind-blowing basic techniques
     8.14. The "Octopus" techniques

9. How to prolong his sensations
     9.15. How to slow down the male excitement

10. Course wrap up
     10.16. Summary of the course

video course on lingam massage, with demonstrations and instructions on techniques for sensual and intimate male pleasure

What you'll learn about male pleasure

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You'll discover over 30 one-of-a-kind manual techniques and tricks that will send your man into a blissful frenzy and unleash new dimensions of pleasure.

You'll unlock the mastery with our comprehensive guide, empowering you to bestow your partner with mind-blowing pleasure through the transformative art of Lingam massage.

You'll delve into the basics of male anatomy, unravel the secret erogenous zones, and learn 10+ advanced techniques that will give your partner orgasmic pleasure.

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You'll unveil 7 secret arousing techniques that will guarantee mind-blowing climaxes, even when your partner is feeling drained or exhausted.

You'll break free from average sexual encounters and embrace the zenith of satisfaction, excitement, and fulfillment in your love life.

You'll experience newfound freedom and self-confidence as you learn to effortlessly control your partner's orgasms and sensations.

Start your 14-day All-access Pass
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What you'll get

videos and exclusive content online

175 bite-sized video tutorials

practical manual techniques

175+ practical techniques

courses on top topics

20+ courses on top topics

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fun quizzes

25+ fun quizzes

fun and handy pdf guides

35+ handy PDFs and 4 guides


Up-to-date content

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Enhance your partner's orgasms and pleasure and take your skills to new heights with our exclusive Lingam Massage Course. Unlock the secrets of Lingam massage as our expert instructors guide you step-by-step. Discover how to ignite pleasurable sensations, release tension, and cultivate mind-blowing orgasms for your man.

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