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5 Tricks to Make Sex Brighter

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Hot sex life is guaranteed!

Look through these 5 tips that work 100%


Be initiative. Show that you want your partner. Right here and now. Changing the roles will turn both of you on wildly. If he usually starts, try to change it, take the initiative, and see what happens.


Don't think about how you look in the process. Sex - rampant and truly lecherous - is not about glamorous aesthetics.

Forget about neat hairstyles and makeup, planned poses “without wrinkles and creases on the body, from a more good-looking side.” Leave it all for photoshoots. When you really get high, you don't think about looks. You get high and enjoy.


Making love is, of course, great. But have you tried just fucking and saying dirty things without all this our romantic- vanilla? Highly recommend. You will see how this will change the whole process in general.


For all kinds of sex. They will make the sensations thinner and tastier. I wrote about them a little earlier. You can find it in the feed!


Yes, adult toys for women and for men. And if you still don't use them, then it's time to start, because it will give both of you new amazing feelings and impressions. And you will feel more connection and intimacy again.

These are only 5 points out of dozens...Try to think about what helps make sex brighter for you personally!

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