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Amazing Sex Toys for Butt Play For Beginners and Advanced

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How to choose the best toys for anal sex?

This article is a must for those who are completely new to this.
There are actually a large number of toys for anal sex! And, like all adult toys, these toys can be divided into three categories:

  • light
  • standard
  • hard

There is always something for newbies, something for "confident users", and something for the most sophisticated ;)
The “light” category includes gizmos that are perfect for those just looking at a new kind of intimacy.
- Massage oils
- Special feathers for tickling
- A variety of lubricants for different types of caresses (edible, silicone, water-based lubricant, etc.)
- Edible paint and edible body powder (for caresses around the bush, foreplay, and relaxation)
- Panties for easy access ;)

The "medium" category includes toys that are great for solo and couples.
- Vibrators
- Pulsators
- Anal beads

The “hard” category includes toys for sophisticated and daring couples.
- Butt plugs
- Prostate massagers
- Sharing vibrators
- Toys with remote control
- Strap-ons
If you are completely new to this business, you should take a closer look at the first category of toys and gently awaken new sensations.

If you have already gained enough courage, take a closer look at the 2nd category, which gives you 100% pleasure.

Well, the most courageous can immediately pay attention to the 3rd category.
The main thing is to observe safety and hygiene precautions.

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