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Best Dirty Texting Tips From Experts

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a woman writes a sexy message to her boyfriend while lying in bed

Nail dirty talk on every occasion

 Sexting has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more people finding creative ways to keep the spark alive in their relationships.

While sexting can be a great way to add excitement and intimacy to your relationship, there are some important things to consider when thinking of the perfect sexy message.

Here are some tips for better sexting:

  • Set the mood.

    Sexting should not be done at random times, but rather as part of an intimate moment between two people. Before sending a sext, take time to create a romantic atmosphere that will make the receiver feel special and appreciated.

    This could include turning off all distractions and closing your eyes while you write the message, or playing soothing music in the background.

  • Use your imagination.

    Be creative with your words and descriptions, as this will help bring your fantasies to life for the receiver. Share specific details about what you would like to do or how you want them to make you feel, instead of just saying generic phrases or lines from movies or books you’ve read.

    Sexting is all about using your imagination to create scenarios that are both exciting and realistic.

  • Make it interactive.

    Make sure that each text exchange is a two-way conversation by asking questions or giving compliments throughout. Ask what they would like you to do for them as well so that they know their desires are also being heard and appreciated by you.

  • Be clear about your intentions.

    Clarify any boundaries upfront so that there is no confusion later on about expectations from either party.

    Sexting should always be consensual, so it’s important that everyone involved understands what each person wants out of the conversation before starting it.

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  • Know where to stop.

    It’s important to remember that sending too many explicit messages can start to get boring after a while; therefore it’s wise to end conversations at their peak moment in order to keep things fresh and exciting for both parties involved.

    On top of that, make sure you give yourself enough time away from sexting so that when you do have one again, it feels special again instead of becoming routine or dull over time.


By following these tips for better sexting, couples can bring the spark back into their relationships without compromising safety or respect!

Sexting can be an incredibly intimate experience if done right; so make sure that you set aside time for this special activity periodically throughout your relationship!


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