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The Basics of Tantric Sex for Beginners

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a woman gives a tantric massage to a man

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Tantric sex offers couples a unique opportunity to explore their physical, emotional, and spiritual connection.

It can be used as a powerful tool to deepen intimacy and understand each other on a deeper level. For those new to tantric sex, it can seem overwhelming or intimidating, but with the right approach, it can be an incredibly fulfilling journey of exploration.

The purpose of tantric sex is to explore sexuality from a holistic perspective; one that goes beyond the physical act of intercourse.

It requires both partners to focus on the connection between them to unlock deep emotions and create an intense experience that transcends ordinary sexual encounters.

Through this practice, couples aim to unify their bodies, minds, and souls in order for them to reach higher levels of consciousness together.

  • Tantric sex begins with creating an atmosphere conducive for intimacy through setting the mood (e.g., burning incense), playing some relaxing music or lighting candles around your space.
  • Both partners also need to slow down their breath and remain mindful of each other’s presence throughout; this helps them stay in tune with each other energetically even if they are not speaking or engaging in any kind of physical contact yet.
  • Once they have created enough tension and charged up the energy between them, they can then move into physical contact such as massages, caresses or breathing exercises where they can start exploring their partner's body parts while maintaining eye contact and mutual understanding of the shared sensations between both bodies.
  • During these intimate moments, couples can use different techniques such as tantric kisses which involve using more tongue than regular kissing but still being mindful about how much pressure is used; making sure neither partner overwhelms the other’s comfort zone by taking things too far too soon.
    This technique creates an energetic exchange between both partners which allows them to experience intense pleasure without actually having intercourse yet; allowing them to explore further depths within themselves before progressing into full-on intercourse if desired.

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  • Tantric sex also encourages couples to make vocalizations during their intimate moments — like soft whispers, moans, or groans.

    This helps express strong emotions during heightened moments of pleasure, creating a deeper connection between both bodies that surpasses mere physical contact and reaches into deeper realms of consciousness previously unknown by either individual before experiencing tantric sex together.

At its core, tantric sex is all about exploring each partner’s boundaries while maintaining a healthy respect for one another’s needs at all times.


It's about making sure there are no dangerous activities involved out of fear or desperation for more pleasure during these intimate moments but rather mutual understanding.

So both parties may find solace within themselves through their partner's touch without feeling violated in any way — something that can only be achieved when trust has been established beforehand!


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